Be Good to Your Daughters

I heard John Mayer’s song “Daughters” on the radio today.  I’ve heard this song many times before, but today actually listened and paid attention to the lyrics.

These days, I find myself starting to shift gears.  I’m trying to tidy up loose ends and I’m preparing to go on maternity leave.  It’s going to be quite a shift for me.  I thrive on a certain amount of stress (the good kind) and I love going to work.  I will still have a project or two on the go.  I plan on continuing to co-moderate #fslchat and I have a TLLP project starting up this Summer.

And what will become of this blog?  It’s inspired by my work with teachers, fellow coaches, admin and students.  I might have to hit the pause button and start another that’s more focused on family for a little bit.  I would like to keep writing, but I might be a bit too sleep deprived for a bit.

Perhaps this blog is part of that transition.

I have two daughters ages 6 and 8.  People’s reactions when they hear that we’re having another girl have been interesting.  Many pity my husband, whom they assume was hoping for a last try at a boy.  But in all honesty, we’ve just been hoping for a healthy baby.

I’m looking forward to going on class trips and concerts that take place during the school day that I have missed out on until now.  For the next year, I’m going to enjoy catching more moments like these.  It’s a picture of my husband and my daughter reading a chapter of Harry Potter together tonight before supper.  The song I heard today and specifically the line “So fathers, be good to your daughters” and this picture just matched.


Next year will be about new rhythms.  For me, a slower rhythm.  At times possibly even more chaotic and less predictable rhythms.  It will be about turning down the volume on certain parts of my current life so that I can focus on others.

It will be about my husband and I being good for our daughters.

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  1. carla matos at |

    May you have a speedy and safe delivery of your new daughter. I have four daughters all grown now who continue to bring joy to our family! I am so very very fortunate! And yes, my husband still gets sympathy as people realize he has lived with five women for many years!

  2. Steph-Lynn Moffat at |

    I hope it’s a wonderful year, Jen! Enjoy the change of pace.

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