Change Ahead

In the next week or two, I know a lot of blogs are going to be about the new year and resolutions.  I’m getting a head start on that today.

When I think of the year ahead, I know that there are a lot of changes in store for my family.  I have two girls ages 6 and 8 and this year we’re expecting a new baby girl in March.  On top of this, both these girls have had their school zone changed and will be starting at a brand new school in September.  Some friends are moving with them, some are not.  My husband may or may not be facing some changes at work too.  There’s been a lot of speculating where that is concerned.


To me, next year is all about change.

I’ve had enough change in my life not to fear it.  Some of the hardest ones have been the biggest opportunities for growth.  While I initially reacted emotionally (either joyfully or sadly) to some of the changes my family faces above, I’m then able to think with a clear head and I know that we will all grow from these changes.  I tend to have a positive attitude where change is concerned.

If you read my blog you know that in the next weeks, I’m a part of a group hoping to welcome a Syrian family to London, ON.  Perhaps what helps me gain perspective is the empathy for the changes this family has had to go through.  Makes mine seem pretty trivial really.

Some changes can be planned for, others cannot.

I think it’s all about how you approach change – as a victim or as a new beginning?  This quote sums it up nicely for me:


If I think of significant events in my life, they are those that also meant the most change and that does mark you – but hopefully for the better.  You may not see it at the time, clouded by either fear or grief.  Perhaps change in circumstance is easier than digging down deep and making those “inner” changes?  That’s where the work really lies.

Anyhow, this week’s blog is short and sweet (for once!).

What have you learned about change over time?  How has change shaped you? How do you support others that are going through changes – either planned or unplanned?  What great things have you built based on change?

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